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Four Ways To Get An Insurance Quote

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It used to be that if you were going to get an insurance quote you had to make an appointment with the insurance agent and have a sit-down to discuss particulars of the type of insurance and the plans you wanted. Then it became possible to get a quote over the phone. Now there are several ways to get a quote, and each is faster and easier than the next. Quote by Online Application Online applications are now the most popular way of acquiring insurance quotes. You can apply for insurance and get a quote at any time of the day or night. Some companies have you follow up with them during the day to make sure you fully comprehend the plan you bought online, but you rarely have any contact after that. Quote by Video Call When you still want a face-to-face quote, you can use technology like Skype to talk to an insurance agent or broker. It saves you a trip into the office, and you can conduct the whole “meeting” from your home and in your pajamas. This way of getting a quote does limit when you can speak to someone, unless the insurance company outsources their video calls to other countries in off-hours. Quote by Text A few insurance companies do offer instant quotes by text. You have to text them some basic info, such as name, license number and the year, make and model of your vehicle. You may also have to text them your age/year of birth. The quote is based on these stats alone, which is why it is so easy to use and why your most private information is not requested or used. Quote by Snail Mail If you want everything in writing before you sign, you can request a quote via snail mail. It does take longer to get a quote, since your request has to be sent to the insurance company, the insurance company has to review your request, and then send a quote with applicable plans back to you. Most people avoid this way because it takes much longer than all others. However, it is one of the safest ways to get an insurance quote because all of your personal information is sealed in an envelope and viewed only by the insurance agent or broker that opens it. People who opt for this method of getting a quote often receive an invitation by mail, which is then filled out and returned to the...

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A Few Common Homeowner’s Insurance Myths Debunked

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Homeowner’s insurance is essential for making sure that the investment that your home represents is protected against many of the hazards that may damage it. Unfortunately, these policies can be highly complicated, which will make it exceedingly difficult to make informed choices about this protection. This can be compounded if you are giving credit to a few of the more frequently believed notions about homeowner’s insurance. Myth: Your Possessions Will Automatically Be Covered By Your Homeowner’s Insurance You home contains most of your most emotionally and financially valuable possessions. Sadly, there are many homeowners that assume that any damages to these items will automatically be covered by their insurance. However, this is not actually the case as there are some causes of damage that may not be covered. For example, if the possessions were damaged due to flooding and you lack flood insurance, these damages are unlikely to be covered. Additionally, you should make sure to have proof of ownership for any items that you may claim. In order to do this, you should take photographs of your most valuable and important possessions, and write the date on the back of the photograph. By providing these photos to your insurance, you will be more likely to have your claim approved. Myth: Homeowner’s Insurance Never Protects You In The Event Of A Lawsuit If a visitor to your home is unfortunate enough to suffer an accidental injury, you may find yourself facing a lawsuit. Some individuals assume that they will always have to face these lawsuits on their own. However, it is possible to add liability coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy. This coverage will protect you in these situations, and you may even be represented by attorneys from the insurance company. The exact details will vary, and you should carefully review the policies from several insurance providers to ensure you are choosing a liability plan that provides the most extensive coverage. Myth: Your Policy Will Always Provide Enough Compensation To Replace Or Repair Your Home It can be easy to be fairly unsure of what to expect when it comes to filing a claim. As a result, some individuals assume that they will always receive enough compensation to replace their possessions. Yet, this can be incorrect as there are some policies that will only provide compensation for the value of the item at the time of the accident or the original price paid. To make sure that you receive enough compensation to replace your lost items, you should choose a plan that provides guaranteed replacement value. This coverage bases compensation on the current market price of replacing the lost items. For more information, contact a business such as Red Oak Insurance...

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Drive Safe Around School Zones and Keep Your Insurance Rate Low

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The return of the school year means that children will be trading the beach for the classroom, but it also means that you should beef up on your driving safety when you’re traveling through school zones. Local police forces will be keeping an eye on motorists in these areas, and the last thing you need to have happen is to be in an accident or get a ticket that affects your insurance rate. By keeping the following tips in mind, you’ll have a high probability of getting through the local school zones safely and ensuring that your auto insurance rate stays as low as possible. Turn the Radio Down It’s always useful to turn the radio down when you approach a school zone. Additionally, if you’re using your phone with a hands-free device, it’s also a good idea to end the call. When you aren’t being distracted by the sound inside your car, you’ll be more apt to hear the voices of children who may be near the road but out of your sight. For example, if some children are playing behind a parked car, you might be able to hear their voices—and slow down considerably—long before you actually see them. Always Make a Full Stop Even careful drivers will occasionally fail to stop completely at stop signs. While this behavior is always best to avoid, it’s imperative that you be careful at stop signs in school zones. In many areas, police cars will be tucked into hidden spots around school zones to watch the habits of motorists; failing to make a full stop at a stop sign can not only result in a substantial ticket but also jeopardize your low auto-insurance rate. Even if you’re in a hurry, make sure that your vehicle stops fully, as you never know who may be watching. Give School Buses Plenty of Space It can be a little frustrating to get stuck behind a school bus, especially if you’re running late. However, you should never tailgate the bus or attempt to pass it unsafely. Doing so can result in a ticket that affects your insurance rate or, in the worst-case scenario, your hitting a child who is getting on or off the bus. If you’re behind a school bus and are in a rush, it’s a better idea to find a different road to take that will get you away from this vehicle. Talk to companies such as Coast Comp Insurance Agency for more tips about keeping your premiums...

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Taking Advantage Of Long-Term Savings With Your Car Insurance

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If you are paying more than you would like to be paying on your current auto insurance policy but do like the coverage and service that your provider offers then it may be in your best interest to take advantage of long-term saving opportunities with your provider. There are many factors and methods to receiving discounts down the road, especially if you take advantage of the following: Avoid Filing Claims: Filing claims with your insurance provider can end up hurting your rate down the road, especially if this is a common event. By filing a claim, your insurance provider has to spend money to resolve your accident, which means they will likely increase your rate to cover their cost. Also, if they see that this is a reoccurring thing, they will increase your rates due to you being a liability and this will impact your rates each year you continue to file a claim. So, if possible and necessary, consider paying out of your own pocket if you are involved in a minor accident as this will save you from having to file a claim and putting yourself at risk of increasing rates. Don’t Let Your Insurance Lapse: Keeping up with your monthly payments is a great and easy way to save long-term with your insurance provider. This is because many insurance providers offer discount saving opportunities for their long-term policyholders, which you can definitely take advantage of if you avoid letting your insurance lapse or become deactivated. Add Other Household Members To Your Policy: Another great and simple way to keep your auto insurance rate low is to add other family members who are living with you onto your policy. It is likely that your provider offers bundle saving plans like multiple cars and or drivers, which by taking advantage of you will save money on your monthly rate, as well as allow the other family member to save on his or her coverage. So, even if you don’t have anyone else on your policy now, consider this option if you want to seek and maximize your saving opportunity. Using these three tips is a very helpful way to bring the cost of your auto insurance rate down, all without having to disable some of your valuable coverage and protection. So, if you enjoy your current auto insurance provider and want to be with them long-term, be sure that you are taking advantage of some of the saving opportunities that you may have with them. For more information, visit websites like...

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Two Ways To Grow Your Insurance Sales Business

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If you’re an insurance agent who is trying to grow your company, you might always be looking for more ways to build your client and customer list. However, you may not know what you can do other than to offer sound advice and guidance to those you help. By doing the following things, you can expand your business. Get an Additional License One of the best ways to grow your business is to expand your knowledge base with an additional license. If you’re already licensed to sell life insurance and health insurance, for instance, you can offer your clients better coverage and protection if you also seek a license in property or casualty insurance. You can reach out to new customers as well as existing customers and sell more policies. How can you find the time to do this without taking a step back from your business? Luckily, there are a number of insurance licensing courses online, like from Enterprise Training School, that you can take advantage of. If you can set some time aside each day for these courses, you can complete them in a timely manner. Then you’ll need to take and pass the licensing exam. After that, you’ll be able to offer your customers a wider range of assistance with their insurance needs. Start a Blog To grow your insurance sales company, you’ve got to be good at your job, but more than that, you need to be able to market your company effectively. If people aren’t aware that you’re selling insurance, they won’t buy from you. One thing you can do to market your business is to start a blog. By writing helpful weekly posts on insurance topics, you can establish yourself as a voice of authority in the field. People might not need to buy insurance right now, but when they do, they will be more likely to go with you because they can read the posts on your blog and recognize your expertise. To make sure that people are reading your blog, you might want to publish an article in a local newspaper with a link to your site. You can also work with a search engine optimization expert so that people doing online searches about insurance can find your blog as well. Building your insurance business will take some time, but by taking the actions described in this article, you’ll be on the right track. Talk to peers and consult mentors in the industry for more suggestions about how your company can grow over...

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Homeowners Provides Insurance For Your Bicycle

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Whether you own a bicycle that cost a few hundred dollars or a more expensive model that cost you a few thousand, you’ll want to protect your investment against loss. That’s where home insurance can help. Your homeowners insurance can reimburse you for a bicycle that is stolen or lost in a fire or other peril covered by your policy. But along with understanding how your coverage works, there are steps you can take to help prevent the loss or move along the claims process if the need arises. Types of Coverage A standard homeowners or renters policy generally offers reimbursement for bicycles under the personal property coverage clause. A policy that provides actual cash value coverage will deduct depreciation from the cost of a comparable bicycle to replace the one you lost. Replacement value coverage costs more, but the policy will pay you what it currently costs to replace your bicycle with a similar model regardless of your former bike’s age. With homeowners or renters insurance, you also will get liability protection if you are involved in a bicycle accident where you injure someone or damage another person’s property. The insurer will provide coverage up to your policy limit. About the Deductible Depending on the value of the bicycle, if your policy requires that you pay a deductible, it may not be worth filing a claim, especially if your bike is worth less than the deductible. Otherwise, you must pay the deductible before your insurer reimburses you for the loss. If you own a particularly expensive bicycle, for an additional cost, you can include an endorsement in your homeowners or renters policy that will give you more coverage. But the same as coverage for the actual cash value of your bicycle, deductibles and policy limits apply to replacement cost coverage. Tips for Protecting Your Investment in a Bicycle Like any other of the personal possessions or assets you own, it’s important to take measures to protect your bicycle and bicycle accessories against damage, theft, or loss. But if a loss still occurs, keeping the proper records can make filing an insurance claim easier. Lock it up. Lock your bicycle whenever you aren’t riding it, even if you keep it housed in your garage or apartment. Lock both wheels and the frame of the bike to a bicycle rack, post, parking meter, or other fixed object to make it harder for a thief to steal. Avoid the use of a cable or chain lock to secure your bicycle, as a thief can easily cut it. Instead, use a U-lock – a lock that makes it more difficult to insert a crowbar to break the lock. Position the lock so that the keyhole is facing down toward the ground. Register it. Register your bicycle with the National Bike Registry (NBR). By doing so, you increase the chances that law enforcement officials can return your bike to you if it is stolen and then recovered by police. Your name and contact information goes into a database so that the NBR label on your bike allows police departments to identify you as the bike’s owner. List it. Like all your other personal possessions, include your bicycle on your household inventory list in the event you must file an insurance claim. Take a...

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Tips For Managing Your Medicare Coverage

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Medicare applications and coverage management can be somewhat confusing, especially if you’re not familiar with all of the rules and regulations. If you aren’t well-prepared, you might find yourself losing out on valuable coverage and benefits. Here are a few tips that will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that people make with Medicare coverage. Don’t Forget To Enroll Many people believe that Medicare enrollment is automatic when you reach the eligibility age. The truth is, you are only covered by Medicare if you actually enroll, and you have to do it on your own. Your enrollment window will begin a couple of months before you turn 65. In most cases, you’ll be able to enroll up to a few months afterward. If you’re still working and covered by company-provided insurance at 65, you won’t need to enroll in Medicare during that eligibility window. Instead, you’ll want to wait until you actually retire or leave the job. In that case, you’ll have an eligibility window for a brief period afterward. Check with the Medicare administration to find out when you’ll have to enroll by so that you don’t miss it. Otherwise, you’ll be without coverage until the next annual open enrollment. Don’t Sign The Enrollment Forms Without Knowing What You Get One common mistake that people make is to sign up for the same plan as their spouse without really knowing what they’re getting from it. This often leads to a plan that doesn’t cover necessary medications or doctors because each party has unique medical needs. Make sure you read the coverage documents carefully to ensure that you’re getting coverage for the things that you need, including your regular doctors, prescriptions and any other needs. Otherwise, you may have to invest in a supplement plan that helps you to get the coverage that you need. Don’t Forget That When Things Change, Your Plan Might Need to Change Most Medicare enrollments can only happen during the open enrollment period, when you retire or when you turn 65. There are, however, a few life changes that open up eligibility for you to make changes to your Medicare plan. Some of the qualifying changes include things like getting divorced or married. In addition, you may be able to make changes if you are widowed or you move. Make sure that you keep your Medicare plans up to date regarding any of these significant life changes. When it comes to your Medicare policy options and coverage, it’s important that you understand all of the basics of your eligibility and coverage. With the tips presented here, you’ll be better prepared and able to avoid some of the most common issues that people encounter. For more tips, talk with someone like Shifflett Insurance Services...

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Answering A Couple Of Insurance Questions Business Owners May Have

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Managing your business will require you to make a number of critical decisions involving marketing, hiring employees and retaining clients. Unfortunately, it can be easy to overlook the importance of insuring your enterprise against the various risks that it may encounter. To help you make informed choices when it comes to your insurance, you might need to have the following questions answered. Isn’t A General Liability Policy Sufficient? There are some business leaders that may make the mistake of choosing to only carry a liability policy for their company’s property. However, there can be a number of other ways that your company be exposed to legal liabilities. For example, if you provide clients with consulting or other professional services, you may want to carry an errors and omissions policy. This insurance is designed to protect you from the damages your clients may suffer if you make an error or oversight. Additionally, if your company will be selling products, it may be wise to invest in a product liability policy. These policies will protect you from lawsuits stemming from either faulty design, labeling or manufacturing. To help you determine which types of insurance you should carry, you may want to consult with your enterprise’s attorney as they will have a detailed understanding about the various legal liabilities you need to mitigate. How Can You Reduce The Cost Of Your Business’s Insurance Premiums? Not surprisingly, your monthly insurance premiums can be a major expense for your small- or medium-sized business. However, there are some relatively simple ways that you may be able to reduce the cost of these expenses. Depending on the insurance provider, it may be possible to bundle your enterprise’s various policies into a single plan which may help you to both simplify your billing and take advantage of some discounts. Also, there are many providers that offer discounts to individuals that make security enhancing upgrades to their enterprises. These upgrades may include alarm systems, safes and shatter resistant glass. You should consult with your insurance agent prior to making these changes so that you know which upgrades will qualify you for discounts. Making sure that your company is protected against legal liabilities is an essential aspect of owning an enterprise. Yet, insurance can be extremely complicated, and making sure that you understand the need for professional and product liability coverage as well as some of the ways you can reduce the costs of your various policies will help you to get the most from this coverage. For more information, visit a site...

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4 Tips For Reducing The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance

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Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you financially in the event that your house is damaged or your belongings are stolen. If you have a mortgage loan, your lender most likely requires that you carry homeowners insurance. While homeowners insurance is essential to have, it doesn’t mean you should pay more than you have to for your policy. Use the following tips to help reduce your home insurance premiums: Don’t Buy a Policy that is Larger than You Need A common mistakes among homeowners is purchasing a home insurance policy in an amount that is equal to the market value of their home plus the cost of their belongings. In reality, you only need a policy that can cover the cost to rebuild your home and replace your belongings. The land your house is built on is considered when market value is established, but in the event that your home burns down or is completely damaged in another way, you will not have to worry about paying for the land that you already own. Take a look at your homeowners insurance policy and make sure the amount is based on the replacement cost of your home and not the market value.  Up Your Deductible Raising the deductible on your homeowners insurance policy can add up to big savings. Most people rarely make claims through their homeowners insurance, so you are better off paying lower premiums each month and keeping the larger deductible amount in a savings account in case you need it.  Make Your Home Safer There are several improvements you can make to your home that can result in discounts on your homeowners insurance rates. Consider adding a home security system or installing fire sprinklers in your home. Storm shutters and reinforced roofing materials can also make your home more resistant to bad weather. If you live in an older home, updating your plumbing and electrical systems may help reduce your insurance costs. Speak to your homeowners insurance agent to see which improvements qualify for discounts in your area.  Buy All Your Insurance Policies from the Same Company Insurance companies are continually trying to gain new customers, and they typically reward loyal customers with multiple policies by offering discounted rates. If you have your homeowners insurance with one company, your auto insurance with another company, and life insurance with a third company, consider moving all of your policies to own company for the biggest savings. Contact a business, such as Kerr Agency, for more information....

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Key Considerations When Insuring An Historic Home

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If disaster strikes, repairing the damage to an historic home can be a costly undertaking. Historic homes generally boast unique design concepts both on the exterior and interior of the home. Building materials, such as wide plank floors, carved wainscoting, stone facades, and ornate stained wood moldings, aren’t easy to come by, but when they are the materials are expensive. Calculating the cost of restoring an historic home to its former character can be a difficult task, especially when considering the craftsmanship and building materials that originally went into the home. Therefore, it’s important to take a number of key issues into account when insuring the home. 1. Historic register listing. If your home is located in an historic district, having it listed on an historic registry can help you prove an insurance claim if you ever need to file one. However, an historic association has specific requirements you must meet in maintaining the home’s authentic characteristics, particularly if you initially received a grant from the society to help cover the cost of restoring the home. If the property is later damaged by an insurable event, the historical society may have a say in how you spend the insurance money. Since the historical society will want the home restored to its original condition, if you don’t receive enough money from your insurance company to make all the needed repairs, the society could remove your home from the registry if it no longer meets the requirements. 2. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage. Although this type of coverage isn’t always easy to get for historic homes, this policy add-on gives you the extra coverage you may need if the limits of your standard policy won’t cover all the repair or rebuilding costs. But while a guaranteed replacement cost policy will pay to put your home back to its former condition no matter what the limits stated in your policy, it won’t pay for the cost of upgrades required by your local building codes. 3. Extended replacement cost coverage. This add-on to your standard policy is another option that gives you coverage in addition to your policy limits. Although it won’t provide as much coverage as a guaranteed replacement cost policy, it provides coverage above your standard policy limits – usually a specified percentage of your standard policy’s coverage. A possible drawback is that not all insurers provide this coverage for older homes built prior to a particular year. 4. Ordinance or law coverage endorsement. This coverage pays for the cost of repairs you are required to make to meet local building codes. When it comes to repairing or reconstructing an historic property, you will need to comply with current structural, electrical, and plumbing codes, which can substantially increase the cost of the repairs. Since standard home insurance policies generally exclude paying for costs that bring your home up to local codes, you may need to purchase law and ordinance coverage to have sufficient coverage in the event that your historic home is seriously damaged or destroyed. For more information and options, talk with a homeowners insurance company, such as Harris Insurance...

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